Tung sol 5881 reissue datasheet

Datasheet tung

Tung sol 5881 reissue datasheet

But in my reissue setup I find the Tung- Sol to datasheet have a reissue bit more drive, a bit reissue more punchiness. sol If you are after that datasheet Tung- Sol 5881 tone in higher powered amp, try TungSol 6L6GC- STR tubes. E are one of sol the greatest 6L6 GC of all time and come with my strongest recommendation. I' ve A/ B- ed the Tung- Sol USA 5881 to Russian Reissued Tung- Sol 5881 and the tone is remarkably close. Amazing clean and crunch.

I own both , they look different, they are different but electrically compatible. muchXS makes good points about the difference in projected lifespan and construction. I find them to be similarly warm, similarly tung elastic. Use Tung- Sol 5881 if you are looking for that great 5881 tone but make sure your amp calls for 5881/ 6L6GB not 6L6GC. More vintage tone than 6L6. With a plate datasheet dissipation of 60 watts, the Tung- Sol KT120 is the most powerful tube in the 6550/ KT88/ KT90 family. Tung Sol 5881 reissue Review by hoganmw. Real NOS sol Tung- Sol 5881 tubes will set you back at least $ 150 a pair if you can find them.

Watford Valves - Test Reviews G. Tung- Sol 5881 Data Sheet. These are on average a little lower in gain than the datasheet sovtek sol EH but have slightly more warmth. The Russian reissue sol of that famous tube used in datasheet Fender datasheet Tweeds in the 50' s. My guess reissue is the 7581 datasheet you reviewed is for a vintage Tung Sol and has nothing to do with any tube ever produced by New Sensor. A pair sol of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a tung power output approaching reissue 300 watts tung to be built. When I want to warm my bones beside a datasheet thermionic fire, this is the tube I choose. 6L6WGB / 5881 dissipates 23 watts plates 3 watts screens ( original Tung- tung sol Sol data sheet) 6L6GC dissipates tung 30 watts plates 5 watts screens reissue ( GE data sheet) sol I can tell I screwed up when the reissue plates turn red.

It is electrically compatible. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue - Fender 65 Super Reverb Reissue. These tubes tung are very good if you like warm sound. Most of what I have said about the Tung- Sol applies to the Mullard. tung T- reissue 5881- TUNG 5881 Tung- Sol Reissue. From our review of this tube: " The Tung- Sol 5881 tube may be the best option available for guitar toting tone freaks. Even reissue a JAN Philips 5881 built for the US military is NOT datasheet a true original 5881. The new Tungsol 5881 tube has it all going on. The magic is reissue definitely not in the name.

Mix sol - EL34 comparison Mullard vs Siemens vs Sovtek vs Telefunken vs Svetlana vs Electroharmonix, etc YouTube Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez: Tax Expert - Duration: 10: tung 42. 3 any bottom view e " sin 5 diagram jed ec 7 a c the 5881 is the electrical tung equivalent to types 616 sol 6l6g except that sol the plate screen dissipation ratings have been increased approxi- datasheet tung mately 20 percent. Tung Sol 5881 - Tung Sol. Tung sol 5881 reissue datasheet. Tung sol 5881 reissue datasheet. Sovtek Tung Sol: Once again the same tube as the newer short plate sol sovtek EH sol tube with the exception datasheet of the conventional star style mica and the plate coating is a little darker. Lead channel is smooth and warm. Great 6L6 replacement for those who want more of tung a responsive, compressed sound. From what I have read, the current production Tung Sol 7581A is a good tube.

Only a NOS Tung- Sol 5881 is a true 5881. TUNG- SOL 5881 The valve that gave the Fender bassman 6L6GC Comparison of Current Made Tubes. Very detailed all around reissue tonal character both high low. Tung- Sol Reissue 6L6G Matched Quad Set ( datasheet 4) Fat Bottle Vacuum Tubes NEW In datasheet Box. Details about Tung- Sol datasheet Platinum Factory Matched tung QUAD 6L6G 6L6 reissue 6L6GC Big Bulb Tube.

With a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung- Sol KT150 is tung the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. T- 6L6GC- STR- T 6L6GC STR Tung- Sol Reissue. it embodies a complete mechanical reissue tung redesign which tung results in greater resistance sol to shock and vibration. Don' t Walk, Run! I am in the process of building datasheets for all the GT.

A pair of these tubes in push- pull configuration can deliver power levels of 150 watts or more.

Reissue datasheet

Glossary - Vacuum Tubes technical definitions. Compliance with EU Material Restrictions and REACH Article 33 All New Sensor vacuum tubes ( Electro- Harmonix, EH Gold, Genalex, Mullard, Sovtek, Svetlana and Tung- Sol) meet all applicable RoHS material restrictions and are REACH compliant. Title: 5881 Author: Tung- Sol Subject: FPCreated Date: 9/ 1/ 3: 36: 54 PM. 5881, Tungsol Reissue, Matched Pair.

tung sol 5881 reissue datasheet

Pair of Tung- Sol 5881 New Production Power Vacuum Tube 5. 0 out of 5 stars 1. Sovtek 5881 / 6L6WGC Vacuum Tube, Matched.